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1 Sep 2023

Pairing cava with chocolate: a delicious pleasure!

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1 Sep 2023


1 Sep 2023

Every 13th of September, the world comes together to celebrate World Chocolate Day, a date reserved to extol the charms of this irresistible delicacy derived from cocoa. This day is no coincidence but a reminder of when cocoa arrived in Europe. It was precisely on the 13th of September of 1502 when Christopher Columbus had the privilege of encountering the marvelous cocoa beans during his fourth voyage to America. This ‘discovery’ marked the beginning of a global love story with chocolate, turning it into a treasured delight cherished by gourmets, sweet lovers, and indulgent palates worldwide. On this World Chocolate Day, let us celebrate this gift from the past that continues to sweeten our lives and create unique moments of pleasure.

Pairing ideas: Cava and chocolate for a sensory pleasure on World Chocolate Day

Let’s explore a captivating union that will awaken our taste buds: the perfect pairing of chocolate and cava. We invite you to discover the symbiosis of aromas and textures that make this combination a truly sensory experience. May this day be an opportunity to savour life and toast with a glass of sparkling wine and a piece of chocolate, celebrating the art of a pairing that enriches our sweetest moments.

Chocolate: a healthy and vibrant pleasure

When consumed in moderation, chocolate offers a range of health benefits. It contains antioxidants that can help protect cells from oxidation, improve mood through the release of endorphins, and contribute to cardiovascular health by improving blood circulation.

Effervescent sensuality: Cava and Chocolate

The combination of good cava with chocolate is like the perfect embrace between intimate friends. Cava, with its freshness and fine, elegant bubbles, becomes the ideal companion to explore a diverse range of chocolates, even the sweetest and most seductive ones.

Each sip of cavavand each bite of chocolate will invite you on an exceptional sensory journey, where the notes of one delight intertwine with the aromas of the other, creating a harmony that enriches your senses. From Castell d’Or, we propose these pairings:

Castell d’Or Brut Imperial: The Elegant Pairing

Let’s begin with Castell d’Or Brut Imperial, a cava that distils elegance in every bubble. Its blends of Parellada and Chardonnay come together in a symphony of refreshing acidity and perfect balance. This freshness with a delicate backdrop of green fruit and light aniseed notes can be the ideal partner for Dark Chocolate with Red Berries, where the acidity of berries merges with the apple and pear acidity notes of the cava. Each sip and bite will be a step toward an exquisite tasting experience, where bitterness and sweetness dance in harmony.

Cava Cabaret Scandale Brut Reserva: Provocation and Pleasure

When Cava Cabaret Scandale Brut Reserva takes the stage with its provocative combination of character and pleasure, it opens the door to a bold and irresistible gastronomic experience. This expressive sparkling wine, with floral and honey notes, is the perfect accompaniment for Bitter Chocolate with Sea Salt Crystals, a blend that defies expectations and ignites the senses.

The hints of pineapple, leva and brioche of the cava meet the deep bitterness of the chocolate, forming an exciting combination of flavors on the palate. The surprising addition of sea salt crystals creates an intriguing interaction, where salinity enhances the taste profile of the champagne. Each bite is a journey through layers of texture and taste, with bitterness and saltiness playing a stimulating game. This bold pairing is an opportunity to be seduced by the flavors of cava.

Cossetània Cava Brut Reserva: The exquisite delight

For lovers of subtle elegance, Cossetània Cava Brut Reserva is a choice that will not disappoint. A cava with aromas of wildflowers and toasted notes pairs perfectly with Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts and Nutmeg. The toasted notes in the flavors of this cava harmonize with the sweetness of the chocolate, while the spices and hazelnuts bring an intriguing twist to the ensemble.

On this World Chocolate Day, go beyond expectations and experiment with these three unique pairings. Let yourself be carried away by the emotions these combinations offer and celebrate the art of culinary unions that turn every table into a stage of charm and flavor.


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