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Descobreix Castell d’Or


For more than a hundred years, the cooperatives have been working the vines so that you can savour, with all your senses, cavas and wines with their own personality.
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We are children of the land that has witnessed our birth and our growth.

We love the work we do with our own hands and we preserve the tradition of working with vines and olive trees. Our origin defines us and our essence remains intact.

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The manufacture process for wine and cava

Our products are made with different grape varieties such Xarel·lo, Macabeu, Parellada, Chardonnay, Trepat, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Ull de llebre, Garnatxa negra and Carinyena.

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The vines

Our lands are cultivated without pesticides chemical or fertilisers, with exhaustive controls of all the processes and stages of the vines’ growth. We are certified by the Catalan Council of Organic Production (CCPAE)

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The harvest

The moment the grapes are picked determines the acidity, the sweetness and the flavour of the wine. The harvest also depends greatly on the climate and how the grapes are gathered.

The main variables that affect the quality of the grapes that arrive at the winery are: An optimum ripeness, grapes in good health, the picking system and quick and careful transport of the grapes to the winery.

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The pressing

In this process we seek to obtain the highest quality, and for this reason we use a pressing process that controls the pressure, keeping it as low as possible to obtain an excellent primary material.

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The clarification and filtration

Using natural products, respecting the nature of the wine, we carry out the clarification to precipitate the particles and prevent turbidity.

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The maceration

With the aim of extracting the properties from the skins, such as the aromas, colours and tannins, we use a controlled maceration process to give the wine its basic characteristics.



The fermentation

By controlling the temperature and using stainless steel vats, the work of the yeasts is monitored, making the process of converting the sugars into alcohol just right for its alcohol content, to boost the final flavour of our products and to preserve them properly.

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The bottling

Our packaging plants is where the process ends and this is the stage in which we cork our wines and cavas. We select the most suitable materials to guarantee maximum purity and quality of the product, to guarantee that it does not lose any of its properties on its way to the consumer. From the vine to the glass.

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