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6 Jul 2022

Group Castell d’Or launches its new sparkling wine – without alcohol

Ampolla Cava 0,0 Castell d'Or
Tap de Suro
6 Jul 2022


6 Jul 2022

Sparkling Castell d’Or 0,0% is lively and fruity, very fresh with aromas of tropical and citric fruits, and suitable for vegans

Responding to the demands of consumers the Group has presented Sparkling Castell d’Or 0,0%, a sparkling wine without alcohol, elaborated using the careful selection of grapes just as it is made with the wines and cavas it produces.

Sparkling Castell d’Or 0,0% is made with a classic blend of Catalonian autochthon varieties:  Xarel·lo, Macabeo and Parellada. Intense and refreshing it reveals tropical and citric aromas, preserves all the typical flavours of the blend and keeps the bubble structure of cava. The acidity is well balanced with fruitiness, but there’s no alcohol in it, so those who prefer to stay sober also can enjoy the products of Castell d’Or

Dealcoholized drinks are a growing segment in the market. The trend of this category of beverages is developing progressively throughout the world due to the demand of consumers who are looking for alternative products which correspond to their healthy lifestyle.

To elaborate this product very advanced molecular technology is used. The base wine is the same which is used to produce cava, but then a combination of centrifugal force and nitrogen gas is implemented to separate molecules of alcohol but keep those of wine aromas and flavours. As a result, we have a fresh beverage balanced in taste with mild bubbles which is good to consume as aperitive, with salads or other starters but also with spicy dishes. It´s a perfect option for those who don’t want to drink alcohol – because they do not tolerate it, do not like it, or it is not recommended for them.


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