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12 Sep 2022

Castell d’Or obtains the International Featured Standard (IFS) Food certificate, visible proof of high food standards and continuous control

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12 Sep 2022


12 Sep 2022

This international certification encompasses the analysis of the entire production process as well as good handling or hygiene practices.


Castell d’Or obtains the IFS food safety certification with a rating greater than 90 on a scale of 100. The IFS Food is an international standard recognized by GFSI ( Global Food Safety Initiative) and based on a method evaluation aimed at the selection and qualification of providers operating in the field of nutrition. The certification is carried out through a completely independent external body and confirms the reliability of the company but also the traceability of the process.

For Castell d’Or, achieving this IFS Food standard is a further step towards its goal of achieving excellence in terms of quality and food safety of our wines and cavas.

This certification supports aspects such as

– HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

– GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices

– GHP: Good Hygienic Practice

It is an essential regulation that also guarantees the operational criteria that companies operating in the food production sector must meet. This certification signifies an increase in production efficiency and helps to prioritize areas for improvement for Castell d’Or. Following the requirements of the IFS, Castell d’Or makes an improvement in the management of resources as well as in the planning of production processes, implementing new procedures for analysis and development of the production processes required by international regulations. The IFS assessment focuses on the product but also the process and ensures that high quality and ‘reliable’ product development is ensured.

  • IFS Food is a recognized standard for auditing food manufacturers with high demands on quality, food safety, hygiene, traceability, and food defence.
  • The IFS Food certification guarantees that we fulfil the increased requirements from international supermarket chains.
  • The IFS Food certification is the warranty for consumers and retailers that the wine they buy fulfils all requirements related to quality and food safety.

Castell d’Or, the union of 16 wineries

Castell d’Or is the legacy of the first cooperatives founded in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is now made up of 16 cooperatives, which represent more than 2200 farming families who work the land with love and respect for nature. United by a shared aim, to build a common project with value, character, tradition… a true Castell d’Or, that promotes the development of our partners, the direct beneficiaries of their efforts. Since 2005, at Castell d’Or, we select the best vines and have modern facilities to create an exclusive, premium product, with plenty of character.


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