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19 Oct 2022

Castell d’Or launches new website

Nova web Castell d'Or
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19 Oct 2022


19 Oct 2022

The Group is completely revamping its image and enhancing the website visitor’s digital experience.

Vila-rodona, 21 October 2022. Castell d’Or is unveiling its new website designed to deliver a better visitor experience and ensure greater consistency with the brand’s visual identity and values. The Group has carried out a complete overhaul of its digital image and various visual elements to present a more up-to-date look and feel that is in line with its current corporate identity. Its new website has been designed to ensure that all information about the Group, its vision and products, is more easily accessible to the end consumer and to enable the website’s visitors to check out the products quickly and safely in the online store.

The new website, therefore, has multiple functionalities and customised designs that have been search engine optimised. Technical aspects such as the optimisation of the website’s architecture and content have been carefully thought out, offering detailed information that meets the criteria of Google algorithms, responsive design and usability. The website has been created in partnership with the advertising and communication agency Neorg, a specialist in website and e-commerce design and programming.

The blog and the news section are key features of the new website, which also highlights the important role of the Group’s 16 cooperatives through a dedicated section that includes a map showing the location of the different wineries.

The website also has a space devoted to the new cava zoning created by the Cava D.O (Designation of Origin) Wine Board, the aim of which is to better identify the Cava D.O.’s winegrowing areas and characteristics. The information provided on Cava’s geographical origin is now even more detailed and shows the precise provenance of the products.

Jordi Amell, CEO of Castell d’Or, said, “our company is currently focused on optimising its branding strategy to be closer to the consumer and, to this end, we have endeavoured to create a website that is more consistent with our ethos, as well as current browsing trends“.

The company’s communication manager, Cristina Garcia, added, “one of the key features of the new website is that it provides visitors with appealing and informative content on topics of interest to them, such as lifestyle, gastronomy and serving recommendations, as well as to help them to get to know our brand better“. To this end, the blog will be one of the website’s key tools, as will the Club de Oro (Gold Club) which will be launching shortly.


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