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5 Oct 2022

Discover the food that pairs perfectly with rosé cava

Imatge Cava Rosat Castell d'Or
Tap de Suro
5 Oct 2022


5 Oct 2022

Ideal for appetizers, but also to accompany a whole meal with some of the foods that we propose here

Rosé Cava is one of the types of cavas that has become more fashionable in recent years and has seen how its demand has grown throughout the world. It is elegant but at the same time fresh and cheerful, very aromatic, and delicious. In addition, its colour is what gives it extra chicness and glamour. It is ideal to use as an appetizer or to accompany a whole meal. Even so, it is interesting to know what kind of dishes rosé cava pairs with. In this post from Castell d’Or we give you some keys.

The pink Cava follows the same traditional method as the rest of the cavas. Depending on the time aged in the bottle, we can find a Cava Rosado de Guarda, Reserva or Gran Reserva. The grape varieties to make rosé cava are Garnacha Negra, Monastrell, Pinot Noir and Trepat.

Cava Rosé of Castell d’Or is made entirely from the Trepat variety, and this is a quality that makes it truly special and gives it a unique varietal character that is very representative of our territory. The Trepat is the native variety of the Conca de Barberà, there are only around 1 thousand hectares of Trepat in the world, so this sparkling is quite unique. This black grape variety produces delicate, fruity, fresh wines with spicy notes and slight alcohol content.

From Castell d’Or we propose four pairings to exploit the full potential of this cava:


Rice is one of the best pairings with cava. As versatile is one product as the other. The very balanced acidity of the rosé cava, with a high degreasing and digestive power thanks to the acid sensation and the carbon dioxide, cleanses the mouth, refreshes it and enhances the flavor with each bite. The pink Cava intensifies the flavour of the rice and gives us the possibility of amplifying the flavours. It can be a delicious vegetable and mushroom rice, creamy rice with golden chanterelles, three delights rice, a risotto and even a paella. The complexity of a dish like paella would also go perfectly with a Cava de Guarda Reserva or a Gran Reserva.

Creamy cheese or sheep cheese

In general, all cavas are perfect for pairing with good cheese. A balance is achieved between the two products. Because the flavour of the cheese persists, and the cava allows refreshing the palate. The cava provides acidity and a carbon component that allows, as in the previous proposal, to clean the sensation of fat that remains in the mouth. The extra advantage rosé cava gives is its versatility and special aromas.  It would give a fresh sensation to dishes with cheese.

Food with a spicy touch

The freshness and aromas of a rosé cava balance the spicy sensation like no other wine. Japanese, Thai, Indian or Oriental cuisine in general is perfect for pairing, by contrast, with a cava such as Castell d’Or Brut Rosé. It rinses the palate and provides an aromatic counterpoint that will make this intense cuisine a feast of flavours.

Salmon loins

Salmon is an excellent source of high-biological value protein, just like other fish, and is considered one of the healthiest foods. It can be cooked grilled, heated, smoked, or even raw. Rosé cava is ideal to accompany this healthy fish, which contains a high proportion of fat and Omega-3 and offers us a multitude of gastronomic possibilities. Plus, both are salmon pink.

But do not restrain yourself just with these food combinations, the choice is much wider. There is a lot of other food to enjoy our Castell d’Or cava Brut Rosé with. Find your own personal way!


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