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20 Jun 2022

Cabaret of Castell d’Or: a unique cava to get impassioned with life

Ampolla Cava Cabaret Castell d'Or
Tap de Suro
20 Jun 2022


20 Jun 2022

Castell d’Or continues to look for new forms of expression of the main idea of its brand: a combination of tradition with innovations. The company has presented the cava Cabaret inspired by the artistic movement born in Paris at the end of the 15th century. Unlike the typical bars of that time, cabarets served food as well as wine. These food establishments, more refined and fancy, quickly became meeting places for writers, actors, musicians or artists who shared not only social and cultural ideas but also the desire to live and enjoy the moment. Cabaret became popular in Paris at the end of the 19th century when these taverns opened their doors to shows, dances and a transgressive aesthetic that has lasted into our times. They combined sensuality, diversity and an acidic criticism of the morals of the period, which created a unique, original space. Cabaret Cava recovers this original essence of a passion for life, of giving in to our desires and living authentically.

Cabaret Cava

This cava is elaborated with traditional varieties of Catalonia: Xarel·lo, Macabeo, Parellada. It has pale gold color with, greenish hints.  It has aromas of apple and pear, and has some notes of undergrowth flower. It has fresh flavours of quince but also brings light notes of toas and pastry.



Castell d’Or, the union of 16 wineries

Castell d’Or is the legacy of the first cooperatives founded in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is now made up of 16 cooperatives, which represent more than 2200 farming families who work the land with love and respect for nature. United by a shared aim, to build a common project with value, character, tradition… a true Castell d’Or, that promotes the development of our partners, the direct beneficiaries of their efforts. Since 2005, at Castell d’Or, we select the best vines and have modern facilities to create an exclusive, premium product, with plenty of character.


Other news



Castell d’Or presents new formats and packaging

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Quin és el cava ideal per un brunch? T’ho descobrim!

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