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14 Mar 2023

A cava to drink in Barcelona: Castell d’Or Brut Rosé awarded gold at the Barcelona Rosé International Bubbles Awards.

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14 Mar 2023


14 Mar 2023

The wine was recognized as one of the best ones in the world in its category:  sparkling rose made in the traditional method aged in contact with lees not more than 15 months

Barcelona Rosé International Bubbles Awards ceremony was organized on the 9th of March by the wine specialized newspaper Vadevi. It’s been already the 3rd edition of the contest whose goal is to reward the best pink bubbles in the world. The gala took place last Thursday at the Robert Palace in Barcelona. A wide range of producers from all over Catalonia, Spain and all the Europe presented their sparkling rosé wines. The Cava Castell d’Or Brut Rosé (DO Cava) won in a category of young sparkling rosé made using the traditional method with up to 15 months of ageing.

The award-winning Cava from Castell d’Or is made with the Trepat grape, an autochthon Catalonian black grape variety. At the end of the XX century, it was at the point of extinction.  Trepat survived due to the efforts of a few local enthusiasts and now the demand for wines from its grape is constantly growing. This grape is originally from Conca de Barberà, a region in the south of Catalonia with a hilly landscape and lower night temperatures. The wine from Trepat stands out for its freshness and intense aromas of strawberry as well as floral and spice notes.  The skin of the grape is pale, that´s why it is used mostly for rose wines – thanks to Trepat they get a nice salmon tone. Sparkling wine from Trepat is fresh and vibrant, with markable acidity balanced by intense fruit flavours on the palate.

Sparkling rosés are an increasingly popular option for those looking for an alternative to the traditional white cava and for those who want to enjoy a cava with more body and structure.

The Barcelona Rosé International Bubbles Awards were created to promote quality rosé sparkling wines which by their concept and tasting profile pair well with the mood of Barcelona city.  Which is, with no doubt, Castell d’Or Cava Brut Rosat.


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