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30 May 2023

Castell d’Or wins two medals at the prestigious International Wine Challenge.

Tap de Suro
30 May 2023


30 May 2023

Thousands of wines from over 50 countries were submitted to the competition and blind-tasted by an international panel of experts last month.

Castell d’Or, the group consisting of 16 Catalan wineries, has achieved a new success in the renowned International Wine Challenge. The Flama d’Or Brut cava has been awarded a silver medal, while the Cabaret Orgànic Brut has received a bronze medal, reaffirming the exceptional quality of their products.

The International Wine Challenge is one of the most prestigious wine competitions in the world, with a jury composed of internationally recognized experts. Each year, this competition evaluates thousands of wines and cavas from around the world, putting their excellence and quality to the test. The International Wine Challenge is committed to helping consumers discover the quality of products, and the medals displayed on the winning bottles provide a reliable guarantee of quality.

Jordi Amell, CEO of Castell d’Or, wanted to highlight that this international recognition “not only fills us with satisfaction but also drives us to continue working with passion and commitment to offer unique experiences and products with personality to cava lovers.” He added, “We are proud of our land, its grape varieties, and the winemaking tradition that characterizes it.”

The Flama d’Or Brut Cava, distinguished with a silver medal, is an exceptional cava that captivates sparkling wine enthusiasts with its unparalleled elegance and finesse. Carefully and dedicatedly crafted, this cava stands out for its quality and sophistication. It shines with a harmonious combination of flavors of ripe fruit, making Flama d’Or Brut Cava a perfect choice for gastronomic pairings.

On the other hand, the Cabaret Orgànic Brut Cava has received a well-deserved bronze medal in the same competition. This organically produced cava surprises and seduces the most discerning palates with its unique personality and fascinating complexity. With a smooth and creamy texture, this organic cava captivates the senses with a perfect fusion of fresh and refined flavors. It is a true pleasure for cava enthusiasts seeking an authentic experience.

Both medals won at the renowned International Wine Challenge reaffirm Castell d’Or’s commitment and excellence, establishing it as one of the most prominent wine groups in Catalonia. Castell d’Or solidifies its position as an indisputable reference in the production of high-quality wines and cavas.



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