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13 Mar 2022

Castell d’Or launches new brand line at Barcelona Wine Week

Barcelona Wine Week
Tap de Suro
13 Mar 2022


13 Mar 2022

The group of 16 cooperatives keep on promoting their brands and products at specialized  fairs around the world


Vila-rodona, 14 of March 2022. Castell d’Or will participate at Barcelona Wine Week which will take place from 4 to 6 April 2022 in the Palace of Montjuïc Fira in Barcelona. Castell d’Or, which you can find in the hall 8, will present it´s range of products among which there are novelties at an event that has been postponed for two years due to the pandemic. Castell d’Or continues its strong international campaign in which different commercial missions will be carried out in world-wide salons and trade shows different parts of the world.

The CEO of Castell d’Or, Jordi Amell, notes that “It is good news to retrieve such a big event as BWW to promote and bring our products closer to professionals and consumers, so we want to profit from this reputative fair and present some novelties that we have recently developed and that we are very keen to show.” The BWW will be one of the first event of the year 2022 in both Spain and the major international markets of a sector that gives signs of recovery to pre-pandemic levels.

Barcelona Wine Week will promote opportunities of opening up new markets and networking between professionals. The program includes commercial meetings with hundreds of international purchasers interested in Spanish wine. The Fira will  pay special attention  to such trends as enotourism 4.0, digitisation and innovation in the sector. More than 600 wineries who represent almost all of the DOs (Denominaciones de Origen)  are expected to participate in this event. That makes Barcelona Wine Week 2022 the largest showcase of international promotion for Spanish wines.

Castell D’Or, the union of 16 wineries

Castell d’Or began in 2006 with the union of various wineries in different winemaking areas of El Penedès, La Conca de Barberà, Priorat, Tarragona and Montsant. The group is currently made up of 16 cooperative wineries, with a history spanning more than a hundred years, committed to joining forces and sharing their knowledge on the processes of production, manufacture, packaging and distribution of wines, cavas and oils, raising the quality standards of their products until they achieved recognition and prestige for their brands all over the world.




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