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26 Apr 2022

Castell d’Or and CEOLPE sign a collaboration agreement to strengthen their market position

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26 Apr 2022


26 Apr 2022

One of the key aspects will be to implement together more actions aimed at environmental sustainability


Castell d’Or has just signed a collaboration agreement with the agricultural cooperative CEOLPE. It aims to complement each other and reinforce the strategic position of both entities on the market. The president of Castell d’Or, Adrià Rabadà, and the president of CEOLPE, Pere Albà, have signed the agreement at the wine group’s facilities. This collaboration seeks to establish common strategies in order to increase the benefits of the direct producer partners that are part of the cooperatives that make up Castell d’Or and CEOLPE.

The two companies will establish joint strategies to promote a fair economic valuation of olive oil production, ensuring that it has a direct impact on partner farmers. Castell d’Or and CEOLPE will seek to rationalize costs and optimize resources as well as increase productivity and develop innovation.

The president of Castell d’Or, Adrià Rabadà, explains: “We are very satisfied with this agreement because it stems from the common desire to collaborate and do so for the benefit of our partners”. He stressed that “CEOLPE and Castell d’Or have principal points in common such as their cooperative vision, the prestige and the quality of their product”. In this sense, Rabadà has remarked that “We will seek that this cooperation results in a better competitive position and more sustainable practices implemented in the production process”.

In his turn, the president of CEOLPE, Pere Albà, highlighted that “Castell d’Or has a large distribution network of top-quality wine products which it can use for selling the extra virgin olive oil produced by CEOLPE. Olive oil and cava are two products of this land, with a long manufacturing tradition. Our ancestors have been developing the “knowhow” of these products and we have to continue working to achieve the highest quality”.

This agreement also helps to evolve and adapt to the demands of consumers, which are increasingly growing in terms of quality, social, business and environmental responsibility.

Sustainability policies

One of the most important aspects of this agreement is to implement jointly more actions for the development of a sustainable economy in order to make the energy consumption as efficient as possible. Entities are committed to using natural resources more rational, implementing the principles of the circular economy and bio-sustainability in their business policies. That includes reducing the waste of resources, identifying and creating new opportunities for economic growth, promoting innovation and competitiveness, and implementing measures to fight against climate change and limit the environmental impacts derived from production. This agreement will have a duration of five years with the possibility of extension later.


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