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20 Apr 2022

Castell d’Or advances toward sustainability with an installation of a new photovoltaic system

20 Apr 2022


20 Apr 2022

The company will satisfy 40% of its energy needs thanks to the 335 installed solar panels


Vila-rodona, April 20, 2022 – Castell d’Or takes a step forward in one of its strategic objectives: the reduction of the carbon footprint in the production of its wines and cavas. The company installs a photovoltaic system with 335 solar panels of 545W each at its headquarters located in Vila Rodona (Alt Camp region). These solar panels which cover over 670 m² of the plant’s roof generate 40% of the total energy that Castell d’Or requires to carry out its activity, a total of 264,080 kWh per day. This project will avoid an annual emission of 108 tons of CO₂ into the atmosphere.

The work has been carried out by the Catalan company Becquel, which specializes in solar energy for self-consumption. Becquel has been responsible for the entire process, from the development of the project which had to be adapted in the best way to the needs of the company, to the launch of the photovoltaic modules. The electricity produced by solar panels is completely emission-free, making it clean and renewable energy.

Castel d’Or’ CEO, Jordi Amell, points out: “Our wines and cavas are the gifts of this land so we want to take care of the natural resources that allow us to create top-quality products and from which many farming families live “. He adds: “for this reason, our goal is to achieve maximum sustainability in the production process to contribute to the fight against climate change”.

Planta Fotovoltaica Castell d'Or


Jordi Garcia Caberol, the CEO of Becquel, in his turn explains: “Installing solar panels for a company like Castell d’Or we follow our vocation to stop climate change. The fact that Castell d’Or now is able to satisfy largely its energy needs and to reduce its emissions is what satisfies us the most since it is our main goal”.


Castell d’Or, the union of 16 wineries

Castell d’Or is the heritage of the first cooperatives founded at the end of the s. XIX and beginning of the s. XX. Currently, we unite a total of 16 cooperatives, which represent 2,200 grape farmer´s families who work with love and respect for nature. Since 2005, in Castell d’Or, we select the best grapes and have modern facilities to create an exclusive product of a premium category.

Castell d’Or’s vineyards are situated in Comtats de Barcelona, ​​an area in Catalonia with diverse landscapes, mainly gentle hills with picturesque valleys in between. This region has a long tradition of winemaking, dating back more than 2,000 years. The grapes for our cavas come from plots with different microclimates. Some vineyards are situated almost at sea level, others at up to 750 m above sea level.

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