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28 Jul 2021

The best Rosé Cava: elegant, fresh and vivacious

Cava Flama d'Or
Tap de Suro
28 Jul 2021


28 Jul 2021

The Rosé Cava t is a cava that has become very chic and demand for it has grown all over the world. Its elegant yet fresh and vivacious nature set it apart, and its colour has that little something that gives it an extra touch of glamour and exclusivity.

So what’s the perfect occasion for a Rosé Cava?

This cava is perfect for summer. It’s ideal as an aperitif before lunch or with a full meal, such as a delicious paella with perfectly cooked rice, and, even better, beside the sea. Another good option is to open a bottle and have a glass in the early evening to watch the sunset as the heat wanes.

How is rosé cava made?

Its quality and manufacture is no different from other cavas on the market, although this very particular cava has a very special touch and aroma. The main difference is that it’s made with certain red grape varieties that provide a different tone to more classic cavas due to the short time the skins are in contact with the must (maceration). When a basic rosé wine is created,  it must contain at least 25% red varieties. Therefore, the basic wine for sparkling rosé can be made up of must from both red and white grapes. Rosé cava follows the same traditional method as other cavas. At the same time, this cava has a complex touch and depends on the quality of the grapes. The grape varieties used to make a rosé cava are Garnatxa, Monastrell, Pinot Noir and Trepat.


The cava by Castell d’Or, Flama d’Or Brut Rosé, is made integrally with the local variety, trepat, and this is a quality that makes it truly special and gives it a touch unique to the variety that is very representative of our land. Trepat is the indigenous variety of La Conca de Barberà and results in very high quality wines and cavas; this red grape variety makes delicate, fruity, fresh wines, with spicy notes and a low alcohol content.

Cava Rosat Flama d’Or

In particular, the Cava Flama d’Or Brut Rosé has its own character, fruity and complex, where the strawberry dominates highlights of red forest fruits. The ripeness of its aging makes it long and balanced in the mouth, while remaining fresh and lively. It’s perfect for discovering the joy of rosé cavas.


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