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22 Mar 2023

Which cava is ideal for a brunch? Let´s find out!

Tap de Suro
22 Mar 2023


22 Mar 2023

Brunch is a concept of English origin formed from two words: breakfast and lunch. It is a meal that is served between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. It is rather a weekend format when there are no urgent things to do in the afternoon, and if combined with a glass of cava, it can be even more special. The combination of sweet and salty dishes together with a cold bubbled beverage creates a unique gastronomic experience that everyone will surely love. But what is the ideal cava for brunch? Let’s find out!

Cava will pair well with different types of traditional brunch food. You can choose sweet options such as waffles or crepes, that is usually served together with fruit syrups, jams, and cream.  But it won’t taste worse with salty dishes such as eggs Benedict, quiches, avocado toast and smoked salmon, or even a cheese and cold meats board. In addition, some light options such as fresh salads and seasonal fruits like strawberries, peaches and kiwis can be prepared. Vegetarian and vegan options can also be good alternatives for those who do not eat meat. To finish, a selection of desserts such as brownies, fruit cakes, cupcakes or macarons can be served, all accompanied by a refreshing glass of cava.

Cava Brut Nature: This cava has a dry and fresh flavour that makes it perfect to pair with salty dishes such as eggs, omelets, quiches, salads and sausages.

Rosé Cava: If you prefer something fruitier, a rosé cava can be a good option. Its flavour pairs well with dishes like sweet pancakes, French toast, and cheeses.

Semi-Dry Cava: If you prefer a sweeter touch in cava, the semi-dry cava can be a good option. Its flavour and carbonic finish are well complemented by such food as toast with jam, cakes and fresh fruits.

This time we have chosen the Cava Flama d’Or Brut Nature, an elegant and sophisticated cava, with perfectly integrated acidity and aromas of green pear with notes of anise. However, you can choose any cava, the important thing is that the combination is perfect for your palate.



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