Cossetània Reserve

The area of Penedès was inhabited and cultivated from the 6th century BC by an iberian tribe called Cossetans. This wine is a tribute to millenia of agricultural tradition in the region of the Penedès.



ADD CASE (1 x 6)

Producer: Castell d’Or

D.O.: Penedès
Type: Reserve
Ageing: American and French oak barrels for 12 months, 12 months in the bottle.
Bottle: Bordeaux Seduction 75 cl.
Alcohol: 14% vol.

A red wine of noble appearance, intense colour of elegant cherry-red or very ripe plum, dark and rather dull, as is usual in mature crianza wines.

In the nose, a concentration of very ripe fruit of thick texture. Black plums, blackberries and dried figs. Its aromatic complexity is revealed gradually, with a variety of well combined shades. The aromas of various spices, especially black pepper, walnut and vanilla. All of these features enhanced by the use of excellent oak barrels which add a complexity to the overall aroma, which however, do not hide the effect of the wood itself, which rounds off and blends aromas and flavour.

In the mouth, after the initial aromatic complexity, this wine is full-bodied, tasty and well structured. Perfect balance between smoothness, acidity and tannins, the latter of which are mature but firm, coming as they do from grapes well matured by the sun. Aftertaste is ample and long, with a clean, aromatic ending.

A great wine. With character, potent and fine.

Optimum consumption: Already a great wine, it is endowed with a long life which maintains its quality and may even improve it with time.

Gastronomy: Red meats and all kinds of game, sauces, mature cheeses, “Ibérico” sausages.

Ideal temperature: 13-15º

Box: 6 unit.    Weight box: 10 kg.    Palet: 80 x 120 x 177,5 cm.    Palet: 95 boxes 6 botles  – 5 C.    Weight palet: 950 kg.