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Castell d’Or


Our mission

The mission of Castell D’Or is to improve the life of the farmers who make up our 13 wineries and for our efforts to benefit society. That is why we seek to assert not just the work undertaken by the farmers, but also the land they cultivate, promoting respect for the environment. For us, agriculture is an asset to protect and a profession for the future able to evolve and adapt to the era we live in, without renouncing  its origins. Castell D’Or supports farmers and helps implement technological improvements so they can adapt to the changes in the sector and the handover between generations.

At Castell D’Or we always work to promote our wines, cavas and oils with the commitment to backing the people who form part of this process, the land and the farming culture.

In addition, the philosophy of Castell D’Or is also to value the small pleasures that life offers and that allow us to enjoy moments of happiness. We don’t need for major reasons, we celebrate life and the little moments, that, in reality, are what lead to happiness.

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