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Comtats de Barcelona

Cava D.O.

Castell d’Or is part of the Cava D.O., which is currently working to raise and guarantee quality standards and traceability. To this end, it has undertaken an ambitious new segmentation and zoning of the Cava production area.

Comtats de Barcelona
Cava D.O. areas

A wealth of origins

Castell d’Or is part of the Comtats de Barcelona area located in Catalonia, in the northeastern part of Spain. This area is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and situated not far from the cosmopolitan and iconic city of Barcelona. Thanks to their diverse character, the Comtats de Barcelona offer an array of unique exposures, orientations, altitudes and microclimatic influences. The latter include prevailing winds, relative humidity and greater or lesser distance from the sea. This means that perfect conditions can be found for each grape variety leading to the production of diverse and versatile wines. But it is the richness and distinctive features of the subzones that determine our personality.

Valls d'Anoia - Foix


Conca del Gaià


Serra de Prades


Pla de Ponent


Apart from the Cava D.O., Castell d’Or is present in different Denominations of Origin that attest to the quality and character of its wines. The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) is the designation that identifies a product originating from a specific place, region or, exceptionally, country. The quality of this product and its distinctive features are essentially due to a particular geographical environment, with the natural and human factors inherent to it. We are part of the Tarragona D.O., the Conca de Barberà D.O., the Penedès D.O. and the Catalunya D.O.
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